Changes!  They always take place.  It is a constant.  Sometimes the changes that come in our lives bring sadness even when your soul speaks to you to change, or in some cases to move on.

That is the case with Relationships.  They are never easy and relationships are never easy to end when you think they are just beginning.  I have witnessed a lot of people’s relationships go through some huge changes lately.

No matter the change usually one person chooses to suffer more than the other.  It is a choice.  Sometimes the person has an agenda hoping that the suffering they are choosing to do persuades the other person to change their mind and stay.

Those relationship changes can be difficult especially when one of the people are just beginning to feel their wings for the very first time.  They may feel guilty about the change they are making.

The other kind of change in relationships is the change where both people know it is time to move on because it would serve both of them the best.

They do it in a manner that speaks maturity and understanding.  Yet, when this kind of relationship ends, there is a sadness that reaches deep within and prompts questions of, “When is a relationship going to work? I must be doing something wrong!”  “Maybe I am not trying hard enough.”  “I could be over-reacting and this relationship can be saved!”

When after all the questions are posed, you realize that this relationship must end for the betterment of both people.  The wings of both people have been clipped and until there is distance between the two people things will not get any better.

You realize there has been a rut created that runs deep.  Moving on is the only way to fill in the rut at the moment.

Then there are the relationships that are working.  Maybe they are a bit bumpy but they work and there are seeds planted that will bring the couple closer together the longer they stay together.

This is the kind of relationship we all strive for.  This is the type of relationship that speaks strength and understanding.

There are so many dynamics to relationships and at the end of the day no matter what you are going through in your relationship, you have got to decide how you are going ‘be’ in relationship.

The number one way of ‘being’ is to be very honest with your feelings.  Being your Authentic self no matter what is imperative for the relationship to work in the long haul.

I Affirm that whatever kind of relationship struggle you are going through that you continue to be aware of your Authentic Self.

In order to navigate in relationship you must be able to recognize your part and by doing so you must know You.  Keep up the good work!