Before the Eclipse had started, I was walking in the field near my tiny house with Miss Ellie.  We meandered through the field near the apple trees.  The one apple tree I call the Goddess Tree had blackberries intertwined around the trunk near the ground.

We enjoyed the taste of the berries and we didn’t mind our hands getting stained in the process.  We headed towards the woods all the while collecting feathers that seemed so abundant on the ground.

We then ended up at great grandma’s garden because Miss Ellie said she wanted boo berries.  It made me smile because I knew she meant blue berries.  “Those are my favorite berries” she said as she picked and ate the blue berries.

I found myself telling her about Willy Wonka and that we would have to watch the movie some night when she spent the night with me.  It was because of the blue berries that I thought of the movie.

I started to write about blue berries because they are Miss Ellie’s favorite and then I remembered I had already written about blue berries last year.  Blue berries have so much Magic within them and not to rewrite what I had already written, I invite you to read what Blueberry magic can do for you.

When I think of Blueberries, Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory comes to mind.  Violet was the little girl who was always chewing gum who had to try the blueberry gum even though Willy Wonka advised against it.  Well much to everyone’s surprise (except maybe Willy Wonka’s) Violet turned into a giant blueberry.

It is blueberry season here at the coast and I couldn’t be happier.  For the first time in years, I am taking time out to pick blueberries and freeze them for smoothies, muffins, and everything blueberry.   Of course this got me to thinking about what good are blueberries besides the taste. When visualizing protection when eating blueberries, we invoke protective powers.

We also instigate our magical powers to act as a defense system against anything that doesn’t serve our highest good.  It has been known that cooks will make a protective kitchen charm by crushing a blueberry and dipping a finger into the juice and drawing a pentagram onto a napkin or piece of paper.

They keep this in the kitchen usually out of site to guard everything in the room against lower energies.  This helps to bring out the best in the chef who is cooking.  So eat blueberries today and visualize magical powers protecting you from anything that isn’t for your highest good.  I assure you, you will feel a difference!