About a week ago, I was walking down a driveway to one of my gal pals.  I was going there to sit on her patio, look out over the lake, eat breakfast and catch up with everything in our lives.

With a handful of sunflowers in one hand and eggs and coffee in another, I proceeded down the steep incline towards her apartment.  There was a little dog about half way down the incline that was tied up to one of the pillars to a porch which belonged to her upstairs neighbor.

As the dog started barking, I noticed the neighbor guy laid out on his lounge chair.  The dog continued to bark excitedly as I approached.  This dog was between me and where I needed to go.  Since the man apparently didn’t seem too concerned with the dog barking, I assumed the dog was friendly.

Just as I entered the dog’s space, I was shocked to be bitten over and over again on the ankles.  As I tried to continue by, the dog continued to bite.  Because I was so shocked, I hadn’t said anything.  I was just trying to get out of the dogs way.  All of a sudden the man woke up and said, “He bites!” I told him that he was a little too late that the dog had bitten me several times on the ankles.

The man didn’t bother to get up to help me or get his dog.  He sat on the lounge chair looking into space as I limped down the stairs to my girlfriends.  I told her that I had just been bitten.  She told me that the dog’s name was Lucky.  I didn’t feel too lucky at the moment.

I felt bad that a dog was so mean it would bite someone who loved dogs.  I had never been bitten by a dog in my life.  It was natural for me to immediately jump to “What did this mean?” “Why would a dog bite me?” “What is going on in my life that I needed this kind of wake up call?”  Dogs mean Loyalty so I started questioning, “Do I need to be more loyal to someone?”  “Is someone not being loyal to me?”

Over the next few days, I pondered what the deeper meaning of this meant.  I was away on a business trip doing a couple days of Psychic Readings in a town a couple hours away.  I kept having people tell me to watch the dog bite.  It could get infected.  I kept washing it, applying Reiki and holding positive thoughts that I would be just fine.  The bite would heal and life goes on.

Then all of a sudden 4 days after the bite occurred, I got terribly ill.  My leg was infected and it was moving up my leg into my thigh.  After getting medical attention, I was put on two different types of antibiotics as well as getting a tetanus shot.  I had to cancel the rest of my week which was already very booked.  I was forced to be at home laying on the couch.

I was happy that I got to catch up on all my hallmark movies I had DVR’d over the past month.  I still didn’t understand why this would happen to me.  Then I realized, maybe it wasn’t about me.  Maybe it was about the owner of the dog and that I played a part in his recognizing his role in all of this.  Maybe he woke up and realized the care of this dog named Lucky needed to be a little different.

Maybe it was as simple as him realizing that he needed to keep his dog away from a path others walk down to avoid this occurrence again.  It may be a reminder that we all play a part in taking better care of our animals so they can live a life where they are happy.  Maybe it’s a reminder that if we see a dog in distress we do something about it.  Ever since this has happened, I have sent Lucky Reiki in hopes that he feels better and decides not to bite any more.

Maybe just maybe getting bit by Lucky the dog doesn’t mean a ding dang thing.  That it is a part of life that we will never understand.  Like many things that happen in our life we never see a reason for it.  Maybe it simply was that the dog bit me.