IN PERSON Private Sessions    Olympia, WA    

1 hour  $185      1/2 hour  $95  

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Have you ever wondered whether you have lived a past life?  Even more trippy is to wonder about a future life?

Special…. find out where you lived, what you did in a couple past lives as well as going into the future to see what circumstances may bring and receive the tools to change the course of your future life.

Lacey will guide you through a series of relaxation techniques in a safe and supported environment.  You will go into at least 2 different life times as well as being guided into the future.  This process lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours with an Intuitive Reading by Lacey included.

Only $200


A testimonial a client sent me…….  

I just wanted to drop a note to you. I had a reading with you back in the fall and in that reading I asked about my husbands health battles. In my mind I was specifically referring to his complications of food allergies and sensitivities that came on as an adult. It’s been debilitating to him emotionally and physically. It’s also been financially stressful. We’ve seen numerous doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists. In my reading you had indicated that within a month we would have an answer.

Within a month – almost to the day-  (not at my prompting)  it was suggested that he be tested for a parasite. The test came back negative, but his nutritionist was surprised. She insisted that she believed it was a Parasite. He was then placed on a parasite cleansing medication and has drastically improved over the past weeks and month.  Yours and my conversation popped in my head some months back and realized that what you had indicated would happen did in fact happen.

Thank you so much!