inamojo™ is a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program, designed to assist children of primary-school age with lessons, tools and skills that will help them to navigate life’s challenges with greater understanding (of themselves and others), and greater resilience.

The program comprises 9 x one-hour lessons, each using a carefully-structured mix of stories, music, movement and creative art. Children absolutely love these classes!
The stories have been written to teach important life-lessons in ways that children can understand, and find engaging. They then get to ‘feel’ their way into each story by embodying the characters in a music and movement session, before expressing their feelings about the story in a piece of creative art.

Relaxation and emotional self-management techniques such as belly-breathing and mindfulness are also taught in these classes. Classes follow the same format each time, each focusing on a different theme and learning experience.

This first 9-class series is woven around the story of a friendly dragon called Naga, who un-fortunately has forgotten who he is. Class by class, the children help him to remember, while learning important lessons about themselves along the way.

9 Week Program
The story of Naga: themes

Class 1: Introduction to Naga
Class 2: Learning to trust instincts
Class 3: Learning to manage emotions
Class 4: Self-confidence and self-esteem                                                                       
Class 5: Compassion and kindness
Class 6: Speaking our truth
Class 7: Imagination and dreams
Class 8: Self-awareness
Class 9: Integration and celebration