As I pondered on what to write about in this weeks Health Matters, I picked another green bean out of the bag of beans I had picked out of my parents garden a couple days ago.  I crunched and smacked the whole green bean thinking that if I didn’t quit eating them, I wouldn’t have enough for my pot of green beans and bacon that I enjoy so much.  But that didn’t stop me as I continued to crunch and munch the green beans one right after another. Then it hit me.  I didn’t remember what green beans meant metaphysically so I went to my trusty file of researched foods to see.  Much to my surprise I didn’t have anything on green beans.  I found it hard to believe since I had such a big file alphabetically cataloged of foods I had meditated on or researched over the years to find out what eating them could help us with magically.   So my search began.  First I decided that I would sit and meditate on what the meaning was while I ate a green bean.  Immediately I saw the color green which means money in my book.  The funny thing about this is that each time I crunched down on the bean, I saw money.  The faster I crunched the bean into my mouth, the more money I saw sitting in a pile.  I was thrilled.  I was manifesting and affirming more money coming into my life.  I didn’t have one doubt that this wouldn’t happen very soon which made me happy because to have just an iota of doubt may very well slow down our manifesting process.   As I continued to crunch the bean into my mouth, I saw that it also indicated an accomplishment of a goal.  Then I saw that love was also a possibility when I slowed down to savor the taste of the green bean.  Before I knew it my bag of green beans had only about 10 beans left.  I thought I might as well eat the rest and use the bacon for something else. So if you are looking to manifest more money,  a completion of a goal, or love go pick some green beans.

A couple hours after meditating and writing this article, I got a text regarding a settlement of money I had forgotten about and didn’t plan to receive it so soon.   This stuff works!

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