Even the grooviest goddess needs to take classes with master teachers and receive professional training to make them as groovin’ and spiritually rounded as possible.

Here is a list of mine:

*Blessings to all who have helped me become who I am now*

2018 brought many Great Changes for me…. I left a psychic hotline after 11 years of service. I also stepped away from radio after 8 years of public communication. My soul was driving me else where.

My desire was to have more freedom to do what I wanted to instead of feeling in the confines of having to follow certain ways that kept my wings clipped. I have not regretted my decision. I feel more Blessed than ever before. I am still navigating what my heart wants next but I do know for sure that I will continue to support and help you to delve into more of you being you through my Intuitive Wellness Program, private intuitive guidance, mentoring, and workshops and appearances.

Groovy Health and Wellness:

• Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours (in process)
• Integrative Nutrition Certification / Nutritional Life Coach Living on Live Food Certification with Alyssa Cohen
• Live Food Classes taught by Bruce Horowitz, owner of Sunkitchen

• Multiple appearances on the TV program “Just Kidding Around” in a How to Prepare Live Food segment

• Public speaker and teacher at various colleges in the state of Washington on How to Live On and Prepare Live Food.
• Column writer on health issues for FTE magazine for the State of Washington.
• Former Vice President of Puget Sound Wellness Association

Groovy Certifications and Titles:

• Non-denominational Ordained Spiritual Counselor/Minister of the Universal Life Church
• Angel Therapy Practitioner.
• Many Mediumship Trainings & Certifications. Trust your Vibes® Six Sensory Practitioner Teacher for the project • Advanced Intuition Practitioner
• Human Design System Practitioner
• Family Coach for The New Children/Indigo Children

Equally Important and Groovy Training:

• Clinical Hypnotherapy Training
• Prosperity Boot Camp teleconference
• Professional Spiritual Teachers Training
• Past Life and Cellular Reconnection
• Mediumship Certification
• Psychic Sit-ups
• Learn to Channel teleconference
• Vision, Creativity, & Intuition
• Intimate Relationship Skill Practical Application Training Participates in The Game of Life program

Groovy Energy Work Experience:

Reiki – Levels I, II, III & Reiki Master Certification in Therapeutic Touch Hands on Healing
Qi Gong

Corporate World Groovy:

Regional Assistant in the corporate world of Retail assisting in the management of 120 stores acting as a liaison between corporate, regional, and store level.

Gratefully Groovy Volunteer and Crisis Work/Trainings:

• Women’s Group Facilitator for Domestic Abuse
• Managed the crisis line for Domestic Abuse Women’s Network
• Crisis Intervention Training
• Hospice volunteer working with the terminally ill
• Taught Empowerment Classes at Safe Place and participated in the volunteer program

The Grooviest of Education:

• Institute of Transpersonal Psychology – Certifications for Intuition, ESP, Dreams, Creative Expression, Social Applications of               
  Transpersonal Psychology, and Spiritual Perspectives.

• Seattle Massage School – Massage License Certification Aromatherapy Certification Spa Technician, Hospital Internship