Expectations Dashed

So Life Goes On!  'Busted Expectations' or Not.  We all have Expectations dashed at one point or another.  I know I have!  As I continue to navigate in a new direction in a New Year,  (Can you believe it? Spring is being Sprung this week!!)  I have to remind myself to feel into my heart. [...]

Heart Break Happens

I got to tell you, for me this year started out rather emotional.  A relationship I worked very hard at, finally ended.  I say finally ended because it had been on the rocks since the inception.  We are both very good people, just with vastly different ways of living life. For months I had also [...]


I would say that I have been "Nesting"  for the past few weeks.  I have been looking at many different aspects of my life and realizing that changes need to be made in order for me to accomplish what it is that I have set out to finish.. such as my book that I have [...]

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I have decided that I am going to get married in the next few years!  This is a far cry from where I have sat with the belief of ever marrying again.  A few years back, I was driving by a store that sold wedding gowns and burst into tears.  I drove by this store [...]

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