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|Psychic Lacey Jackson

Heart Break Happens

I got to tell you, for me this year started out rather emotional.  A relationship I worked very hard at, finally ended.  I say finally ended because it had been on the rocks since the inception.  We are both very good people, just with vastly different ways of living life. For months I had also [...]

Acknowledging Ego

Many times when we are getting ready to jump into unfamiliar territory, fear sets in.  We start to question everything about our decision to try something new. The ‘What if’s” set in and we start doubting the new path we have embarked upon.  The Fear we feel is connected to our Ego. Our Ego is [...]

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Listening to the Inner Voice

It was about 3 am the other night as we drove home from a concert.  We were about 10 miles from the coast when all of a sudden we served to miss what looked like a rolled up sleeping bag in our lane.  As we passed it, both of us looked at one another.  “That [...]

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