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Expectations Dashed

So Life Goes On!  'Busted Expectations' or Not.  We all have Expectations dashed at one point or another.  I know I have!  As I continue to navigate in a new direction in a New Year,  (Can you believe it? Spring is being Sprung this week!!)  I have to remind myself to feel into my heart. [...]

Heart Break Happens

I got to tell you, for me this year started out rather emotional.  A relationship I worked very hard at, finally ended.  I say finally ended because it had been on the rocks since the inception.  We are both very good people, just with vastly different ways of living life. For months I had also [...]

Be okay with where you are right now!

I was recently attending a marketing workshop and one of the email titles that gets noticed is the one that I used.  I apologize for using it but I wanted to see if what they said was true that I would get more people to open my emails!  lol….   I am not much for [...]

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Frustrations of Faerie Gramahood

I now know what it’s like to have a grand daughter and to watch while her loving parents make the best decisions for them in regards to her.  I stand back and keep telling myself that it is okay they are feeding her virtually all processed foods. The fact is most people eat processed foods [...]

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I Believe in YOU!

Summer is already upon us!  I can’t believe time seems to be speeding by.  In the past year I have been fortunate to travel New Zealand, parts of England and nest in Ireland.  Our dreams can and do come true.  It is so important for us to continue to believe in something higher than us.  [...]

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Endings Into Better Opportunities!

“This too shall pass!”  is a statement I usually think of when going through a challenging situation on any given day.  Never before had I looked at it as something I enjoyed passing away.   Not long ago I was in Port Townsend at a book store I have continued to love and cherish as [...]

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Changing a Bad day into a GREAT Day!

Much too often as we go through our day we forget our happiness is up to us.  When the guy following too close behind you as you are driving isn’t paying attention because he is caught up in a conversation on his cell phone that he shouldn’t even be on in the first place because [...]

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