A couple weeks ago, my number one faerie sister, Katarina left this world as we know it.  She was only 20 years old.  She started seeing me for massage therapy when she was only 8 years old.  My office was full of faeries and she loved it.  She too believed in faeries and we would talk about faeries, angels and otherworldly stuff.

Our sessions were full of giggles and laughter.  One day as I came back into the room thinking she would be on the table, she was instead standing up on my table in her underwear reaching for the ceiling re-arranging the faeries I had hanging above the table.  She explained to me that it had been a couple weeks since I had moved the faeries around and they needed to be re-arranged.   Another time, she came in wearing a faerie outfit she had designed.

She made me smile and I looked forward to seeing her once a week.  Occasionally we would go hiking in the woods looking for faeries.  She would come stay with me while I was out of town doing psychic readings. The place I stayed had a sky light and we would lay under it looking up at the stars, talking and sharing our dreams.

One night as we lay there in silence, a raccoon scurried over the sky light, stopped and looked in at us.  It scared us at first then it made us laugh.   Katrina was a ballet dancer, academically bright and cared tremendously about all animals.   She was beautifully angelic looking.  There was something otherworldly about her.  She never said an unkind word and was extremely sensitive.

We talked about ways she could protect herself from the harshness of the world.  Unfortunately her experience in school was too much for her.  She couldn’t understand how others could be so cruel to one another.  She was extremely good at dance and because of that she was prey to others who were jealous of her.  She developed an eating disorder because of the pressure she felt from the world.

Even though we worked at ways to detract the unwanted energy, it was too much for her.  She was wise beyond her years so ended up relating better with adults than kids her own age.

Katarina was relieved when her time was near.  She knew she would no longer have to put up with the pressures that life of a sensitive endured.  She didn’t give up until almost the end.  She still had a vision.  She loved kids and wanted to be an advocate for them.  She was a great teacher.    She would have taught kids not to bully one another.

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