September is upon us.  How did that happen?  I like September because it means that Autumn is just around the corner.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  As a child, not only was I excited about school clothes shopping, and picking out my school supplies, I would be nervously excited about the first day of school and seeing everyone for the first time in a couple of months.    As a parent, Autumn meant back to a normal schedule as my boys went back to school.  Autumn is something that you can smell in the air.  You can also see the leaves starting to turn orange, yellow and brown. The temperature starts to feel cooler in the evening and there is a briskness in the air.  The days get shorter, the nights get longer.  It is time to hibernate, to go within.  I would encourage you to take a moment to contemplate Autumn.  What does the turning of the season mean to you?  Step outside and take a moment to think about it.  Smell the air.  Notice the leaves on the trees.  Feel the gentle wind.  Slow down and look around you.  Take your time.  Be Grateful for the summer leaving and the Autumn arriving.