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Working with the Elements in your Daily Life

The four Elements have been on my mind the past few days more than usual.  While I meditate on them frequently when doing my path work, I was prompted to focus on the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air during my daily activities.  I was reminded that each Element plays an important part of [...]

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Listening to the Inner Voice

It was about 3 am the other night as we drove home from a concert.  We were about 10 miles from the coast when all of a sudden we served to miss what looked like a rolled up sleeping bag in our lane.  As we passed it, both of us looked at one another.  “That [...]

What to do with Negative Energy

It is so important to take care of ourselves energetically!  We all know it is a good idea to take care of ourselves on the physical level (whether we do it or not is another story…lol) but taking care of ourselves on an energetic level is another story.  Sometimes we get into situations where we [...]

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When I decided to write about “butter” I had to go back through my files to double check that I hadn't already written about butter.  Butter is so goooooood!   I was surprised that I hadn't written about this yummy dairy product before now.   I was convinced that I had because, you know, butter [...]

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When I think of Blueberries, Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory comes to mind.  Violet was the little girl who was always chewing gum who had to try the blueberry gum even though Willy Wonka advised against it.  Well much to everyone’s surprise (except maybe Willy Wonka’s) Violet turned into a giant blueberry.  [...]

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