Many times when we are getting ready to jump into unfamiliar territory, fear sets in.  We start to question everything about our decision to try something new.

The ‘What if’s” set in and we start doubting the new path we have embarked upon.  The Fear we feel is connected to our Ego.

Our Ego is a good thing because when we notice our fear that has appeared when stepping out of our comfort zone, we take stock in what we are doing.

When we take a moment to assess what we have decided to do, we can go into the new with awareness of our fear.  As long as we don’t let this fear paralyze us from embarking upon this new endeavor, we will succeed quite nicely.

So the next time you want to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, welcome the fear to go with you.  But tell the fear to sit in the back seat because you are the driver.