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For a peek into what makes this Groovy Goddess who she is today, read Lacey Dawn Jackson’s education and credentials.

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About Intuitive Lacey Jackson

When I look at myself today I see a Groovy Goddess in tune with my life purpose and helping people find theirs. I’m surrounded by healthy and supportive relationships, have a job that I love, and enjoy life to the fullest by expressing who I am everyday. But it wasn’t always like this. In fact, it was nothing like this. Read on for a glimpse of what my life used to be like and what it took to make me who I am today. If you are unhappy with who and where you are, you can change too, regardless of your circumstances. I know, because I’ve done it!

I grew up questioning everything around me. I remember being at Bible School when I was about 10-years old and listening to the teacher preaching to us about the Bible and saying that we should be God Fearing and I didn’t agree with him at all. Even though I lacked understanding about what the Bible represented, I just knew that there was something beautiful beyond us that should not be feared, even though I didn’t understand what it was. I did not grow up with a religious base and my family didn’t go to church. But I would go to Sunday School down the street or church services with a friend even though it wasn’t something I was being told to do – my curiosity was piqued. I was seeking something although I didn’t even know what it was or that I was even seeking something.

My environment had lots of alcohol and no rules around it, so I started drinking in the 6th grade and smoking cigarettes, whenever I could get my hands on them, at an even younger age. I did this because of my sensitivity to my surroundings. I also kept experiencing a feeling of “oneness” that I did not understand and saw spirits and people that no one else saw. Smoking and alcohol helped me to escape temporarily. I continued this dysfunction into my later teen years with even more alcohol and a variety of drugs.

During my early twenties I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was declared “disabled” because I had a supposedly permanent limp. I also had to wear a prosthetic device in my shoe that helped me to walk properly. My doctors told me that I would eventually need a knee and ankle replacement due to my injuries.

I again questioned this and thought that if Jesus healed people then I could heal myself. So I started putting energy into my hands to heal my leg. In spite of the miraculous results I saw through self-healing, I continued to use drugs to cover the anger and confusion that I had been feeling most of my life. I also decided to marry a man that I knew I didn’t love. I felt this was a way to move on with my life and I also thought it would make me feel better on some level. Besides, I thought to myself, isn’t that what everyone does? Get married and have babies?

When my first son was a little over a year old, I entered into drug rehab and started the long process of taking a look at myself. Unfortunately this was too much for me to handle, and without an existing spiritual base, I struggled with my addictions even more. My marriage fell apart, which led to a long and drawn out custody battle.

I lost my marriage but I did have the money that I had received in the settlement from my motorcycle accident. I started to spend it on needless things in order to satisfy the yearning and emptiness that was aching inside of me. I also kept searching for what I termed as “love” back then, which was a strong combination of lust and need. I wanted something to fill the void. This led me into an extremely tumultuous relationship with the man who would later become the father of my youngest son and take me further down to the depths of despair.

Because I didn’t know how to handle all of the psychic information that had been coming to me my whole life, I was now numb and had shut out any intuitive information that I received. I was so used to feeling bad about myself that I couldn’t decipher the guidance that was literally screaming at me to make changes.

Because of this, I lost custody of my older son the same week that I gave birth to his brother. His father was in jail and I was all alone again. I was a single parent trying to make sense of my life. I became very involved in Narcotics Anonymous acting as an Activities Secretary. I found it tough to continue on with the meetings where I empathically picked up on everyone’s pain and suffering. I walked away stronger but still needing answers.

I lived a better life but continued to struggle with addictions to food, shopping, bad relationships, and other dependent behaviors. I would think I had beaten an addiction only to switch to another. I sought out religion and churches once again, only to find I was a square peg in a round hole that didn’t fit in with any of them. I felt judged and unaccepted. I now realize that it was myself judging others.

I began to delve further into my issues by working with a shaman doing past life regression and dream work. I was excited when my intuitive abilities started making me aware of how my body felt around certain situations. I was feeling my own discomfort for the first time and it was a breakthrough. One day while driving home, I saw in my mind’s eye a dead body in a truck. I didn’t think too much about it until the next day when my roommate shared with me that a dead body was found next door in the back of a truck. I knew then that I was picking up on the intuitive abilities that I had left behind. Many things were coming to the surface. My life began to take a major turn, shifting me out of an abusive and dark environment.

I was enjoying what I was manifesting and feeling happier than I had been in a long time. Then, suddenly the FBI showed up at my door asking questions about an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was the last person to have been seen with a missing 12-year old girl. I unexpectedly became a star witness in what turned out to be a kidnapping and murder case.

During this time I continued to search within myself to find answers. I also entered into another toxic relationship because I thought I needed support for my son and I. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t need this bad relationship. But doesn’t it take us all a few knocks on the head to learn our most valuable lessons in this Earth School?

There is so much more to this dysfunctional, magical, and healing story of mine and I’ll be sharing it in my book, Journey of the Groovy Goddess: Finding My Authentic Self.

Through my trials, I have come to understand, love, and nurture myself through gentleness, understanding, and realizing that we are not perfect. We will continue to make mistakes and go through darkness only to come out into the light.

The first step to healing and finding our own voice is sometimes a long and weary road but it makes us that much stronger! I believe that I have gone through these experiences so that I can be a better advocate for people going through difficulties. I understand the dynamics first hand. Thank you for reading my story. If you need assistance, I would like to help guide you on the path of finding your own answers.

For a peek into what makes this Groovy Goddess who she is today, read Lacey Jackson’s education and credentials.