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Intuitive Lacey Jackson specializes in phone, email and in person past life readings and angel readings in Olympia, WA.

Intuitive Readings with

Lacey Dawn Jackson


IN PERSON Private Sessions      

1 hour  $150       1/2 hour  $75

When you need support right away, I can be reached on the phone, chat or email in the privacy of your own home through

I have been with the 12family for over 7 years and am honored to be with one of the most trusted psychic hotlines in the world.  We are the “go to” advice line for celebrities, corporations, politicians, and individuals seeking a higher understanding of themselves and the world around them.

You have the option to go through to schedule or call Toll Free Support 855-203-2519  for help in scheduling.  If you are calling the support number, my advisor number is 37137.

1 Question Reading

Do you have just one quick question to ask? This is the perfect way to do this…. Send me your question and I respond and answer in an in depth, quick, direct, and precise way by channeling the information from your guides and angels letting you know the direction that would be best for the question asked. Be as specific with your question as possible that way you can get a more specific answer…

Cost: $40 | Buy Now!

Personal Reading

Do you want a General Reading…? Do you want to know what your life brings in the way of relationships, finances, passion, soul lessons…. even past lifes….? This personal readings will give you all that … in depth full reading to help navigate you on your path. Please provide what you would like me to focus on, your name, birthdate, and where you live…. I will answer three questions for you or give you a general reading!

Cost: $150 | Buy Now!

Manifest Love 22 day Plan

Do you want that love relationship? Do you wonder why it has not come to you? Are you ready to find your soul mate? This 22 day plan to MANIFEST LOVE will help you shift your ideas, and beliefs so you can enjoy the “happily ever after” with someone! I will intuitively develop a 22 day plan of action for you to prepare yourself for your Love to come to you! You will have an assignment to do each day to shift your consciousness in a very powerful way. This isn’t for the faint at heart and it is for the serious who are ready to do the work on themselves to bring in that love of your life!! This includes 10 free minutes to answer any questions you may have.

Cost: $288 | Buy Now!

Health to Happiness Map to Wellness

Do you have low energy? Are you wanting to lose extra weight? Wonder how you can effectively cleanse your body without starving yourself? Learn how to take better care of your body through this 22 day healing program that is made especially for your individual needs. I will intuitively go within, ask your guides and angels to help to determine the best plan of action for you to incorporate healthy habits. It takes 22 days in which to develop a new way of living. The number 22 means planting the seed and that is what you are doing by following the Health to Happiness Map to Wellness. You will reach a new paradigm in your own healing! This daily in depth map will insure your success to your Health. This includes 10 free minutes to discuss any questions you may have!!

Cost: $288 | Buy Now!



Take a moment and be still, breathing deep…letting go of all tension in your body with each breathe… become aware of your whole being relaxing into a calm relaxed state. With each breathe you continue to let go of all thoughts that fill your mind, letting them go, now ask God, The Universe, Spirit, your higher self, whoever you see as helping you in this moment….. What is it that you are supposed to do right now…? What can I do to be the best I can be …? Ask a question that you want to get insight on …. and click the Oracle Button….Receive your answer and write it down to carry with you for the day as a reminder, or just think upon what it says for a few moments. The words that are being shown, will help shift you through whatever it is that you may be struggling with at this time…

Many Blessings are coming to you!!
Lacey Dawn Jackson