I Believe in YOU!

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Summer is already upon us!  I can’t believe time seems to be speeding by.  In the past year I have been fortunate to travel New Zealand, parts of England and nest in Ireland.  Our dreams can and do come true.  It is so important for us to continue to believe in something higher than us.  Stay positive.  Be Truthful to yourself first and foremost and probably the most important is to keep an open mind.  

 If I would have been told I would be doing the traveling I am doing now a days, I would have laughed and asked, “Are you paying?”  Not only have I been able to travel, but I have paid all my debt off.   How I have been able to do this is the more I started giving away my belongings, the more I lived simply without buying extra and super sizing everything and letting go of the bigger is better mentality, I started manifesting what suited me the most.  I was willing to live simple and the Universe blessed me three fold.  

I sincerely believe this can happen to you!  You have got to keep a positive mind!  You have got to believe in yourself first!  You have got to be willing to walk down another path, another road if you want things to show up in a different way in your life.  Things won’t change if you continue to do things the same way, having the same routine, doing the same thing every day will not get you what you have been dreaming of forever.  You must be willing to jump.  I promise the net will appear for you!  You have to continue to have faith and just know the Universe will not let you fail.  

Sometimes you may think you have failed or things may not have turned out the way you wanted or expected them to turn out.  Remember this is the Universes way of saying, “There is something much better for you!”  So when it seems things aren’t going your way, continue to have faith!!  Continue to believe!  Continue to do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.  By doing this, you will come out feeling more empowered and inspired than ever!  

I believe in you!! 

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Linda June 10, 2014

I am on the brink of making some major life-changing decisions, and at times I feel overwhelmed with anxiety and self-doubt. After reading this blog, I now feel empowered and more positive about life. It was very timely – the Universe really does provide what we need! Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

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