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The Inspiring Times: Groovy Green Goddess Says ~

I have been told that I have specific guides and angels that are around me.  Is it possible to communicate with them?  If so, how can I do this?  

We each have a guide or many guides.  Some people go straight to the source in which they call God.  Some resonate better with the Goddess.  I have a belief that we can have as many guides as we want.  It is a matter of believing that we have them or asking them to be here to guide us.  As I have counseled people on their spiritual journeys, I have found that some have had a bad experience in the church.   They had God crammed down their throats.  In order for them to start having a positive belief about a higher power, it was easier to have them ask for a guide or angel to help them.  As long as they have someone of a higher realm from the white light and only of love to go to so they can seek answers and ultimately peace, that is all that matters.  I also believe that God can certainly take care of all of our prayers and guide us and has many guides that reside in the white light to help with such endeavors.  If you think about it, we are all part of God, Goddess, Guides and Angels.  It doesn’t really matter what we call it.  What matters is that we live our lives in Love, Peace and Compassion for ourselves as well as others.  Now with that being said, It is possible that we communicate with our guides every day.  All we have to do is slow down and ask for help.   It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting quietly or going about a task at hand.  Acknowledging a higher power is all that matters.  Some people have a conversation with their higher self, God, angels, etc.  Some call this praying.  It is all the same.  Taking a moment to acknowledge your guides, asking them what you need to do in a given situation and giving thanks to what will come as an answer is all you need to do.  Then take the time to listen.  If we ask for help, seek answers and are willing to wait for what comes to us, we will always be rewarded with information that will keep us on our journeys.  

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