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My Move to San Juan Islands

After visiting Friday Harbor for the day and staying three days, opportunity jumped into my lap, and the fact that I felt “at home” here, there was no other choice but to move to the island.  It was with much excitement and adventure in my heart that I gathered up my favorite belongings and moved in a matter of 2 weeks after visiting the island.  It was my plan to move either to New Mexico where I could work at a healing center or to Port Townsend where I had been staying for the past month.  I was in transition of sorts but didn’t quite know where my next move would be.  For the past two years I had stayed put for the most part in Olympia where I own a house and had a thriving massage clientele but continued to feel  dissatisfied within my soul.  Even though I love where I lived, I kept hearing a voice within urging me to expand myself.  

Robin Sharon, the owner of the Annapurna Center for healing had just offered to extend my stay in the apartment that I had been staying at in Port Townsend for the summer if I helped her with things around the center in lieu of apartment and food.  This was a deal that I really couldn’t give up although something within me was not feeling quite right about the situation.  I was being called some where else but at the time New Mexico was the only other option and that was not as desirable either because I wanted to be closer to my family who resides in Olympia.  

When I stepped on the island from the ferry, I felt an excitement that was very deep within me.  I didn’t really think much of it at the moment but as the day continued and I was taken out into the country of the island,  I knew that I wanted a bigger part of this feeling I was feeling.  I loved the smell of the sea breeze that surrounded me.  I loved the rush of the waves I heard along the shore.  

As it turned out a friend was looking for a room mate.  The spa at Roche Harbor was open to hiring me part time even though it was close to off season.  I took these opportunities and ran with it so quickly that after I had moved in, I questioned myself whether I was crazy to have ran off to a place where the business wasn’t as profitable as it was if I had stayed in Olympia.  

Because I did it anyways and I took a big Leap of Faith, I am having a great experience so far.  I ended up renting a room out in my house in Olympia thus taking away some of the stress I was feeling about paying two rents.  I have been working at the AfterGlow Spa at Roche Harbor and more recently am doing Intuitive Readings out of Mystical Mermaid in Friday Harbor.  Life is Good and it continues to get better every day.  

This proves that we must continue to have faith and continue to follow our heart’s desire even though it seems impossible or not financially feasible.  It is about having a vision and being open to what that vision is for us.  I knew that I would be moving.  I knew that I was to do something bigger than staying in Olympia.   I continued to have a vision and I had set the intention of whatever the Universe had for my highest good, my highest power.  I continue to say this everyday.  Remember our visions and desires are always much less than what God has for us.  I invite you to continue Dreaming and Visualizing your heart’s desire.  You don’t have to have a clear picture but a clear intention and a willingness to take chances and risks when they are presented to us.  We can manifest whatever we want.  We just have to continue to believe as such.


  1. i just moved to SJI 3 weeks ago with my partner and 2 babies and was starting to feel like making connections with people on the island. I randomly seached (online) san juan island goddess and came up with your site and for some reason decided to read you blog. It mirrors my experience with moving here (we were living in port townsend before moving here). I am cultivating more magic in my life and felt it awaken deeply when I first came to the island. Anyways, just thought I would leave a reply…it seems appropriate :)

    • Yeah!!! I am sooo glad you have moved here! I have found it to be amazingly magic… I feel very blessed … I do readings out of Mystical Mermaid in Friday Harbor… Have you been there yet? Hope to meet you soon! xo

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