Vintage Clothing Store Downtown Olympia

$25 to 40.00 sliding scale       7 to 8:30pm


Past Life Regression Class     Mar  21st
Have you ever wondered if you have lived before in another body? What is the big deal in learning about past lives? Come find out how past lives can help a person heal aspects of their life.  You will gain a better understanding of addictions, behaviors, and beliefs you would like to change.  We will be doing a guided meditation along with learning lots of information on Past Lives.

Manifesting Abundance    April 4th

Part of using our Intuition is learning how to manifest what our heart desires.  Many tricks and techniques will be discussed that will help you to bring more of what you want in to your life.

Intro to Mediumship  April 18th


Intro to Animal Communication May 16th


Exercising your Intuitive Muscle May 30th


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