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Family Dynamics

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A part of taking care of oneself is to take care of our bodies.  This has been a challenging mode of function for me the past couple months.  Since things didn’t go the way I had planned when landing back into the United States from a blissful yet writing filled three months in Ireland, I was ready to take break and travel around in our van and eat healthy.  We landed instead at my parents where old behaviors and habits,  I thought had been worked out and healed a long time ago, showed up with a vengeance and took control of me once...

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Sometimes things turn out entirely different than we imagine. Even though I had all my belongings in storage, and hadn’t completely thought out where I would stay while in the United States for a few months, I had never dreamed of living in a Tiny House on my property.  Instead I had the summer all mapped out.  We were going to live in the van for the summer and travel around the United States finding cool places to camp and visit people.  We would come back to Olympia, visit family and then move on to the next adventure.  That all...

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In This Moment

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In January I never imagined I would be living in Ireland by the end of March.  Ireland was on my ‘to do” list but to think I would be there so soon was unthinkable.  In other words I was happy living in my little condo by the Puget Sound doing my every day things such as writing, doing intuitive readings and walking the beach.  2013 was my year to nest and go through my boxes.  All my things had been in storage for the past couple years as I had lived in the San Juan Islands and Port Townsend dreaming of what I was going to do next...

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Albert Einstein

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My Move to San Juan Islands

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Groovy Green Goddess | 2 comments

After visiting Friday Harbor for the day and staying three days, opportunity jumped into my lap, and the fact that I felt “at home” here, there was no other choice but to move to the island.  It was with much excitement and adventure in my heart that I gathered up my favorite belongings and moved in a matter of 2 weeks after visiting the island.  It was my plan to move either to New Mexico where I could work at a healing center or to Port Townsend where I had been staying for the past month.  I was in transition of sorts but...

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The Inspiring Times: Groovy Green Goddess Says ~

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I have been told that I have specific guides and angels that are around me.  Is it possible to communicate with them?  If so, how can I do this?   We each have a guide or many guides.  Some people go straight to the source in which they call God.  Some resonate better with the Goddess.  I have a belief that we can have as many guides as we want.  It is a matter of believing that we have them or asking them to be here to guide us.  As I have counseled people on their spiritual journeys, I have found that some have had a bad experience...

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The Inspiring Times… Groovy Green Goddess Says……..

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The other day I was reading the thought for the day from the Napoleon Hill. He said, “When you take charge of your fate and determine that you will live positively in every aspect of your life — physical and mental… you will receive an extra benefit.” I stopped and had to think about what I had just read. Are we really in charge of “our fate”? Isn’t fate something that just happens to us? I understood “Fate” as being the course of someone’s life or circumstances beyond a person’s control that just happens. ...

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I would say that I have been “Nesting”  for the past few weeks.  I have been looking at many different aspects of my life and realizing that changes need to be made in order for me to accomplish what it is that I have set out to finish.. such as my book that I have been working on for several years.  It is at the point that the longer I don’t finish it the more I am feeling discontent about it.    I have the history of wanting to go everywhere except my home to do my writing.   This fact did not occur to me until more...

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5 Rules of Thought!

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5 Rules of Thought!!!       Mary T Browne   1.  You Must Decide What you Want !!!! If you desire several things, you must choose to focus on them one thing at a time.  If you are jumping from this task to that task that you want to complete, it loses power…  but if you concentrate on each , separately at an apointed time, you will bring it into physical form.  Thinking of many things at once causes a power shortage and makes it extremely difficult to bring it into form   2.   See it Done!! disciplining our thoughts.....

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I have decided that I am going to get married in the next few years!  This is a far cry from where I have sat with the belief of ever marrying again.  A few years back, I was driving by a store that sold wedding gowns and burst into tears.  I drove by this store every day and never really noticed the gowns in the windows.  I knew the store was there but didn’t actively look at it while passing by.  This day was different though.  I was brought to tears as I noticed the gowns in the window.  “Will I ever get married?” I found...

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