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Intuitive Lacey Jackson specializes in phone, email and in person past life readings and angel readings in Olympia, WA.





Lacey is always available to do readings on and you can find her there most days & evenings!  She is available for her “in person” clients all over the world by Skype, email,  and chat.

She is very enthusiastic about helping others develop their gifts from within so they can live a more passionate life.

Lacey is the radio host on “Jive Talkin with Red & Lacey” which airs on every  Monday at 9am pacific.  Some of their topics include Love, Inspiration, Empowerment and Teaching of the sacred and an occasional story of the faeries.

Lacey & Red will be sharing Inspirational stories and testimonials from their own spiritual journeys as well as exploring and commenting on many exciting things happening in the world today.  They will also be inviting listeners to share their stories on the show.  Tune in to learn more.

She has been in the healing and metaphysical field for over 25 years and a Professional Psychic since 2004.

Here is what some of her clients say about her:


Lacey’s insights today were just what I needed to hear to stay optimistic about my future. Many times she has given me insights on what I will be seeing in the future that have come to pass. I always trust her guidance and support. (28 January, 2012)

Lacey is absolutely wonderful and extremely intuitive. I love chatting w/ her, she is always accurate and she lifts my mood and lets me see the positive in every single situation in my life. I have learned a lot from her. Thank you Lacey! (1 March, 2012)

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Take a moment and be still, breathing deep…letting go of all tension in your body with each breathe… become aware of your whole being relaxing into a calm relaxed state. With each breathe you continue to let go of all thoughts that fill your mind, letting them go, now ask God, The Universe, Spirit, your higher self, whoever you see as helping you in this moment….. What is it that you are supposed to do right now…? What can I do to be the best I can be …? Ask a question that you want to get insight on …. and click the Oracle Button….Receive your answer and write it down to carry with you for the day as a reminder, or just think upon what it says for a few moments. The words that are being shown, will help shift you through whatever it is that you may be struggling with at this time…

Many Blessings are coming to you!!
Lacey Dawn Jackson